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Grow Your Audience

One of the most common questions I hear from yoga teachers is "how do i grow my classes?" Should you focus on Instagram, or YouTube or something else? I'll share a much more empowering question to ask yourself and how you can reliably grow your audience every day, with way less effort, even when you're not teaching.



Create Irresistible Offers

Have you ever spent weeks creating an amazing workshop, class or online course, only to have no one show up? Or have you taught a sold out event one month, only to wonder how you could sustain your success the next month? I'll share the 5 essential steps to go from creating occasionally great or "kinda interesting" offers to creating irresistible offers that your students love. So you can...



Increase Your Income

Many teachers feel that talking about income is too materialistic and not spiritual, yet the source texts of yoga teach that creating wealth (artha) is one of the 4 essential aims & stages of life. I'll help you clarify what stage you're in and teach you a super simple process to manage & increase the irregular income of teaching yoga. You'll learn how set bold yet achievable goals for your business based on 7+ years of trial and error in online marketing running a six figure business.

"Within two months of working with Jeremy I hosted my first sold out event, earned $1200 from a single class, made a professional website and grew my email list to 70 people!"

Danika Ervin,

It's Time To Go From Surviving To Thriving

In 2019 40% of yoga students practiced online.
In 2022 91% of students practice online.

Students are spending more time and money on their online practice than ever before. The yoga industry is worth over $88b and growing each year, yet the average income of yoga teachers has gone down. Many teachers and studios didn't adapt to the changes of 2020 and had to close, or struggled to survive. How is it that other teachers have had their most profitable years ever? An important question to consider is this:

Students have completely changed the way they find and practice yoga, have you kept up?

With no business background, you might find some helpful info online and try their advice. You might end up using the "post and pray" strategy to say "Come to my class!" on social media and wonder why your classes don't grow. You start to question yourself. Is it your website? Your pricing? Do you need more certifications? There are so many variables it's hard to know where to focus your limited time and attention. You end up getting overwhelmed, feel burned out and discouraged. You try to copy what you see other teachers do but wonder why you don't get great results. You can't live on teaching income and feel stuck working long hours at a job you don't love.

With some business background, you might get more creative. You might host a workshop, class series or online course, but fear being pushy in selling it. You start to question your pricing, how to promote it, or how to turn it into a sustainable business model. You have some good months and some bad months. Your bank account fluctuates and so does your motivation to keep being creative. You invest in self-paced business courses but end up with more questions than results.

What if you could become as skillful at business as you are at teaching yoga? How many more people could you serve? How much more clarity could you create in your offers? How much more security and stability would you feel with a consistent, growing income? This workshop will help you build a foundation to get exactly those results. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. The 3 main topics I am teaching apply to both online and in-person teaching. Even if you prefer not to teach online, I think you'll learn lots of valuable insights to apply to your methods of teaching and may even see just how easy, fulfilling and powerful it can be to teach at least partially online. 

I totally get it. 

A lot of marketing can be inauthentic, pushy, salesy, gimmicky and just feel bad. 

That is why I was determined to learn sales, business and marketing in a way that is authentic, heart centered and focused on service.

After investing tens of thousands of dollars and hours in trainings on yoga I realized I had grown a ton personal and spiritually, but was still struggling materially just to meet my basic needs. I saw this among many of my peers too. I realized that taking yet another yoga training wasn't going to help me pay my bills, provide for my family or serve my students at the level I knew I could. 

So I invested just as much time and money in trainings on business, marketing and sales. I trained with the Tony Robbins lead sales trainer, did cold calling and even door to door sales all just to challenge myself to grow and learn business and marketing so I could better reach more students and serve them more skillfully.

Along the way I learned a ton about myself and realized business can be just as much about personal growth and spiritual growth as teaching yoga. In fact, I became far more confident in myself, my cues became more concise, my offers became more transformational. It turned out to be the best thing I could have done for my teaching, my students and myself.

Ultimately, the only way that sales and marketing can really work and feel good for everyone involved is if you have done the deep personal and spiritual work to uncover your gifts, learn how to communicate them and more skillfully serve the people you work with. That's what this workshop is about.

This is a great question, and one i've considered a lot. 

It's important to ask where the question is coming from. Is it from the idea that there are too many certified teachers and too many free yoga classes already on youtube? If so, consider what classes you've taken and what teachers you've learned from. You probably have taken several classes from several teachers and learned different things from each one. From this perspective, the more yoga teachers and the more classes available, the more opportunities to find who you resonate with and learn new things from new perspectives. 

Is it because you like to teach all styles of yoga and don't like the idea of having a "niche" and fear it will limit you too much? Consider how many free youtube videos are there about Beginners Yin Yoga For Men compared to yoga in general. Not nearly as many. What if everyone in this training learned a specific niche that they can serve? Is there really competition is you're learning marketing skills for senior chair yoga and someone else is applying those same skills to teen yin yoga? 

The phrase "rising tides raise all ships" is really true in this context. The more skillful you are in business, the more you will learn that there really is no competition for what you do. This is a really deep topic, so I'll touch on it in this training, but go much deeper in my coaching and other offers.

Please join live to ask any other questions you have if I missed them in this FAQ.

A Note From The Instructor:

Listen to a podcast where I share the story below / why I'm offering this workshop: 

In 2016, after 5 years of yoga certifications, I realized something was missing. I had a ton of personal and spiritual growth, but almost no material or financial growth. I moved around Austin from one guest room to another until I found a place I wanted to live with awesome roommates. When I asked how much it cost to live there I said "oh wow, nevermind, I wont be able to afford that." The cost was $500 a month. With all bills and food included!

I started to question the path I was on. How could I serve my students if I can't even pay my bills? So instead of taking another yoga training, I took a business training. For six years I studied with some of the best marketing, sales and business teachers in the world. This was not separate from my spiritual path at all. It was the best thing I could have done for my personal growth. The teachers I resonated with most lived yogic principles like ahimsa and aparigraha. They also happened to be the most successful ones.

Since then, I've become more confident, focused, and more myself than ever before. As a reflection of my internal growth, my business has seen massive growth too. After 500k+ podcast downloads, creating a six figure business and only doing work I love, I want to give back. If you want to grow your yoga business and see similar results, then I think you'll love this workshop. This is for you if you want to increase your income, grow your audience and transition to only doing work you love. My goal is to help you achieve those results and save years of trial, error, overwhelm and frustration. 

I'm excited to see you at the workshop!

Jeremy Devens,
Quietmind Yoga Teacher Training


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