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You've been certified to teach yoga, now what? How do you develop mastery of your teaching skills? How do you turn those skills into offers, build your audience and increase your income doing work you love?

The YTT podcast offers support from 11+ years of experience so you can save yourself years of figuring it out on your own and begin to thrive teaching yoga online.

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I've listened to your podcasts for quite some time now and they've made a big impact on my life, spiritually, physically and emotionally.
 Julia B

About Jeremy

I had a difficult childhood and struggled to find my way early in life. Yoga Teacher Training was the first place I felt like I really belonged and I quickly knew I wanted to be a teacher. After several weeks of teaching small classes I realized YTT was not the end of my training, but just the beginning. I realized I needed far more training in what to do with the skills I learned. 

After 11 years and teaching 7000+ classes I've built a 6 figure business and created a path for yoga teachers like you to overcome imposter syndrome, stop underearning and authentically serve a larger audience, doing work you love from anywhere in the world. 

While we all have our own unique expression as teachers, there are essential decisions we all must make in how we present our offerings and ourselves. Get clear on where you are in your path and your next steps in the free Thrive Teaching Online workshop: